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ExBot whatsApp Pro is more easy and flexible way. You can save and organize your campaign messages by different category wise.
On same application now you can save whatsApp contacts and arrange by different type of user groups,

exbot whatsapp pro
exbot whatsapp pro

The Sky's The Limit

We Create Unique Campaigns That Help Your Business Grow

This application for all type of individual whatsapp users, business, shops, resturent agents, school, teachers, e-commerce seller etc, who are using whatsapp.
Any Business, individuals, sales & marketing peoples, who want to send whatsapp messages to their customers from Web.
There is much more inside the application for you :)

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The Sky's The Limit

We Create Unique Campaigns That Help Your Business Grow

This application purely created with deep hart and feeling to solve the current complex problems in e-commerce industry to sharing new product’s update to their customers using whatsapp.
So basically it is more than instead a simple bulk or spam sender as many other available in market.

ExBot Whatsapp Pro

what can it does for you?


Unlimited whatsApp numbers
Data base support to save your records
4 type importer
5 type sending mod
Run campaign from saved or without saved records (message & records)

All Message Types

Send text and media file (Image, videos, text, pdf etc) Message Management (Add/edit/update/delete) Organize Messages by Categories Contact Number Management (Add/edit/update/delete)

Well Organized

Organize Contact by Groups Category management (Add/edit/update/delete) User Group Management (Add/edit/update/delete)

Data Base

Multilingual Support 103 Language Translation file included Try to resend previous pending and failed campaign messages

All types Of Contacts

Quick search records Publish and Unpublish contact Time delay between messages 3 Type contact (WhatsApp number / Groups / Broadcast)

For Every One

E-Commerce Schools / Collage / Teachers Retail / Wholesale shops Property agent Doctors / Hospital And any other area which are currently using whatsApp to share their products information to customers.

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