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For Social Media Automation

ExBot Platform

Use the ExBot platform to manage your social media sites (Facebook - Instagram - LinkedIn - Twitter - WordPress - YouTube) and get a unique experience in managing your advertising campaigns and managing your Digital content from one place.

In addition to managing the automatic response to customers in most communication platforms, whether in comments or private messages

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Watch a unique and practical experience of how to take advantage of ExBot

A unique and practical experience recorded on how to benefit from X-Bot and its unlimited integration between its functions to clearly increase your profits and reduce your expenses more than 90% in a practical and proven way

ExBot WhatsApp Pro

Manage all WhatsApp campaigns for your project from one place on your device and keep all your customers’ data and send countless messages with the click of a button and very easily and at any time you want, wherever you are.

ExBot WhatsApp Pro organizes for you the process of sending marketing messages to your customers in all forms of messages (writing – pictures – video – catalog and other media)

SMS gatway

exbot Gateway Make your mobile an SMS gateway

Now you can make your mobile phone an SMS gateway that enables you to make marketing campaigns via phone and SMS.

It enables you to send group messages in large numbers from an excel file without being banned from mobile companies

You can also link this portal to any sales channel for your marketing campaigns using SMS.

This saves you at least 90% of the cost of SMS campaigns.

Catch your customers eyes

Create unique video designs with Invideo

For a catchy design  , a quick touch must be made  to attract your customer’s attention to your advertisement and then your business.

And it is not disputed that video has become one of the most powerful types of content that attracts your customers to look at your ad

Therefore, we have provided you with exclusive subscriptions in the most powerful visual advertising industry sites, which do not require you prior knowledge nor any skill in video design or montage skills.

We will provide you a life time registration for a very cheap price.

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تستطيع عمل مقدمات احترافيه جداً لفيديوهاتك و قنواتك

invideo video edit تصميم فيديوهات

تصميم فيديوهات رائعه بدون تجذب انتباه عملاءك و تجعلهم يتوقفوا على اعلانك


عمل تعديلات على جميع فيديوهاتك بشكل سهل وبسيط دون الحاجه الى معرفة بالمونتاج او اساسيات التعامل مع الفيدوهات

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